Katie Thurstone didn’t hold back when bidding farewell to contestant Thomas on last night’s episode, which aired June 28. “Your Bachelor audition ends tonight, so get out,” Katie clapped back after calling Thomas “selfish, unkind and a liar.”

Now, Bachelor Nation fan-favourite Ashley Iaconetti weighs in on all the Bachelorette drama exclusively on E! News Daily Pop.

“I could not believe that goodbye,” Ashley I. revealed on Tuesday, June 29. “That was ruthless.”

Katie definitely has garnered fans with her no-nonsense approach to the ABC dating reality series. “I appreciate Katie in the way that she does not deal with B.S.,” Ashley I. continued. “I love that she’s cutting the weeds like that, every week. If there’s any question about a guy, she says goodbye.”

Yet, Ashley I. does have one note for Katie dumping Thomas: “However, I thought that was extra,” she admitted. “That was too harsh because every guy in that house has had the thought that he could be the future Bachelor.”

As for contestant Mike, this season’s Virgin, Ashley can relate to his big reveal on-screen. “I had such a flood of emotions during that scene,” Ashley explained. “I had so many nerves, so much anxiety for him, but man, did he carry himself with so much grace…He became kind of a stud muffin there, the way that he was so romantic in explaining it.”

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