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You might have heard the rumours of the alleged split of Queen of Pop Jennifer Lopez and her handsome beau Alex Rodriguez, well now the couple has posted some cosy pictures to
indicate the pleasant existence of their relationship and clear the air. Their cosy and romantic pictures took the internet to storm as fans were really happy as the couple cleared the air from the rumours of their breakup. A source close to the couple also hinted at the fact that the couple has been briefly working on their relationship.

Another shocking celebrity news from the week is the revelation of Woody Allen and his response to the sexual assault allegations made by his daughter, Dylan Farrow. Dylan was aged 7 at the time she revealed the news of sexual assault to her mother Mia Farrow. Woody Allen denied the allegations by saying that Dylan must be thinking of the assault.
Dylan was quoted saying in an interview, She was a good kid, and I believe she thinks it. You know, I do not believe that she’s making it up. I don’t believe she’s lying. I believe she believes that.

A hilarious Celebrity News from the week is Kris Jenner’s accidental pregnanc announcement. Well, you might be puzzled

by reading the above lines. This was the reaction of many netizens after reading Kris Jenner’s comments on daughter Kendal’s post. Kris Jenner’s accidental tweet made the netizens believe that Kendall was pregnant to which Kendal immediately cleared the misinterpretation. This one is enough to make your day.

Another one to give you a pleasant start to the day is the High School Musical beauty Ashley Tisdale gave birth to her first child with her husband Christopher French. Ashley gave birth to her daughter and the couple are delighted to welcome their little bundle of joy. The news was shared by the new mom as she wrote, Jupiter

Iris French arrived earthside 3.23.21.

Here is a small mood refresher, Brooklyn Beckham seemed to be having some fun with his mother Victoria Beckham. The eldest son of David Beckham used a face swap app that transformed him and his mother Victoria Beckham into the Spice Girls. This gave fans a good laugh.

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