American director Woody Allen has finally opened up about the accusations made
by his daughter Dylan Farrow. The director addressed the accusations in an exclusive interview. The interview which was ultimately shot last year was released on CBS on Sunday Allen said, Nothing that I ever did with Dylan in my life could be misconstrued as that. Allen further denied the allegations by saying, Why would a guy who’s 57 years old? I never was accused of anything in my life, I’m suddenly going to drive up in the background of a contentious custody fight at Mia’s country home (with) a seven-year-old girl. It just — on the surface, I didn’t think it required an investigation, even.

Allen called his relationship with Dylan preposterous and said, ”It’s so preposterous,
and yet the smear has remained. They still prefer to cling to if not the notion that I molested Dylan, the possibility that I molested her.

The accusations were made by Dylan Farrow who was then a seven-year-old. Dylan
accused the director of sexual abuse in 1992. The incident occurred sometime after the split of Woody Allen from actress Mia Farrow. In another response, the 85-

year-old filmmaker says that he does not think Dylan is lying. He said, ;I believe she
thinks it. She was a good kid. I do not believe that she’s making it up. I don’t believe
she’s lying. I believe she believes that.

A four-stage documentary is also made on the allegations and the surrounding story.
The name of the documentary is Allen vs Farrow”.

The conclusion has never been achieved as Woody Allen continues to deny all the allegations put forth by Dylan Farrow.

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