Gigi Hadid is an amazing model but she also plays a simultaneous role of perfect homemaker. in major nesting mode. The model has redesigned her New York City apartment and her work is amazing. Gigi shared some of the rare glimpses of her new house on Instagram while sharing that she ”spent all of last year designing and curating [her] passion project/dream spot.”

The model shared pictures and captioned, ”Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city,” But I’m excited for the time I’ll get to spend enjoying all the special corners that were made with a little help from some of my favourite creatives … who embraced my ideas and didn’t call me crazy.�”

The tour begins with a picture of the living room which is mainly characterized by a Missoni
couch in the centre accompanied by Jean Paul Gaultier pillows.

Gigi shared pictures of her kitchen which have an amazing interior. There is a pool ball sitting up on a kitchen counter.

The wall decor mainly consists of artwork by Austyn Weiner. The wall decor looks classic and very impressive.

These cute and adorable kitchen cabinets grab all your worthy attention. Amazingly,
these kitchen cabinets are decorated with coloured kinds of pasta. Gigi left no stone unturned and chose the work of pasta artist of Linda Miller Nicholson for her kitchen decor. Gigi described her pasta cabinets as ”dream pasta-facade cabinets” in an Instagram story. The pasta cabinet is evident in the picture. It shows Gigi’s love for pasta. The neatness and the unique art in the decor are surely commendable.

Gigi chose a unique mosaic carpeting for her stairs. The artwork on the stairs is
something exceptional The bedroom is full of colourful art too.

The model preferred a rather serene and tranquil interior for her bedroom. The
bedroom depicts calmness and peace. The model has tried out some simple and cooler shades for her bedroom which is a very good idea.

A lavish bathroom such as Gigi’s is still a dream for many. A bathroom with an interior like this can easily debut your stress level and add up to your relaxation. The lavish decor and interior in the bathroom are surely commendable.

We are really in love with this enormous yet amazing medicine cabinet. The magnificent looking cabinet is sufficient to grab your attention. Gigi’s classic decor has surely increased the magnificence of her apartment.

A cute and astounding coffee table like this is all worth it for romantic dates and conversation. Gigi Hadid shared a glimpse of her trendy and rare coffee table. The picture also has a bookshelf neatly arranged in the background that points up to the facts that the model is an avid reader.

Even the snow fails to hide the expanding beauty of Gigi Hadid’s apartment. Enjoying
the winters and celebrating Christmas in an expansive and beautiful backyard  like Gigi’s is a fantasy.

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