Morgan Stewart welcomed her baby girl with her husband Jordan McGraw. The E! News host has given birth to her first child with singer Jordan McGraw. The couple is delighted and purely glad at the birth of the little angel of their lives. The couple has named their
daughter Row Renggli McGraw. Morgan Stewart gave birth to her daughter on 16 th February. The new parents have posted a series of pictures to depict their happiness around their little bundle of joy. Let us have a quick peek at the cute photo series of the
cute Row Renggli McGraw.

The Motherly bond The overjoyed mother took to her social media handle to express her delight in the arrival of her daughter. Morgan shared a picture of herself holding her daughter Row Renggli McGraw.

The motherly affection is evident and apparent in this picture. Morgan Stewart shared the picture and captioned it as, ”Row Renggli McGraw just wanted me to quickly update you guys that after 30 hours, 27 apple juices, & 16 pushes later she decided to join our party.
And she’s definitely the coolest girl I’ve ever met. The happy mother had posted this picture on 17 th February.

Father’s love Jordan McGraw can be seen holding his daughter in his arms. The father is extremely affectionate and filled with compassion for his daughter. Jordan expressed his journey on his Instagram handle by posting this picture and captioned it as, ”Row Renggli McGraw 2/16/21.”

Picture time Morgan Stewart posted a picture in which her husband Jordan McGraw can be seen taking a snapshot of the little girl. The beauty also wrote, ”Daddy is pumped up.”

The Granny excitement The Grandmothers of Row Renggli McGraw seemed extremely excited and prepped up to meet their granddaughter. The celebrity wrote, Grandmas are there to cheer us on”. The Grandmothers were very supportive of the birth and had many exciting preparations to welcome the new member of the family.

Welcoming decorations Morgan Stewart shared another story of the welcoming decorations at her home. All the preparations were done by the Grannys. Well, who wouldn’t be glad at being received like this? The floral decoration seems really impressive.

Balloon blessing’s Baby Row Renggli McGraw was welcomed warmly by the big balloon decoration. Morgan was deeply moved by the welcoming and decorations.

Care with fashion Morgan shared a hospital gown gifted to her by her mother. The e!online celebrity posted the picture of her beautiful hospital gown and wrote, ”the cutest hospital gown from the sweetest”The cherry coloured gown was really eye-catching and impressive.

Celebratory meal One cannot resist such a delicious meal. After going through months of cautious pregnancy diet, Morgan Stewart finally got the chance to relish her taste buds with her favourite sushi rolls. Morgan really missed raw fish during her pregnancy. The sushi rolls apparently look really delicious. Guess who’s going to enjoy a stomach full meal tonight!?”

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