American model Katie Price has always been candid and vocal about the upbringing of her
son Harvey. Katie Price reportedly gave birth to Harvey in the year 2002 as she was dating her ex Dwight Yorke Harvey is Katie’s eldest child and has been diagnosed with autism associated with Prader-Willi syndrome. Prader-Willi syndrome has promoted obesity in Harvey. At the time of birth, Harvey was born partially blind due to a condition called septo-optic dysplasia. This condition made the development of Harvey’s optic nerve rather
unpredictable. Katie Price has not been lucky in terms of relationship as her ex-boyfriend
Dwight Yorke cheated on her when she was pregnant with Harvey.

Dwight had only visited his son once just after his birth and has always stayed away from his matters of upbringing. Katie had told The Sun in January 2021, that she intended to send Harvey to full-time residential care. The mother of five was heart-broken but was firm about the decision for Harvey’s good.

Katie Price homeschooled Harvey due to the pandemic outbreak because Harvey was very
vulnerable to Covid-19 infection and had higher mortality chances. Here are numerous quotes by the doting mother which highlight her ups and downs in raising Harvey.

Price says about her decision of leaving Harvey in full-time residential care,”You hear about people with autism being arrested and when they’re restrained, they go mad and get sectioned. That’s why I want to find the right college for him so if there’s ever a case where
he kicks off, I’m involved. … The thing is with Harvey, when you get to know him well enough you know what triggers him, so you can talk him out of it and calm him, and I’m very calm with him.”

Katie shares the experience of homeschooling Harvey,”Harvey is one of those who are at a high risk of dying if they get [COVID], so I haven’t been able to see my other kids. It’s hard, but I’ve got FaceTime. In that respect I’m struggling —it’s been a month since I’ve seen them. But I can’t risk Harvey. 

Katie shared the special bond that she shares with Harvey. Katie told Ok! ”Through everything, Harvey has been with me. TV appearances too! He’s my supporter, my son and my best friend. I believe he’s my guardian angel and nothing will ever come between us.”

The mother of five praised her son for eating healthy meals. She took to Instagram
and asked her followers, ”Can anybody help? I’m looking to rent a treadmill and rowing
machine for Harvey that can take his weight and other gym bits through the lockdown. I have to make sure he can exercise at home.”

Katie Price said in the documentary BBC’s Katie Price: Harvey and Me, "Things change when you’re 18 for anyone when you become an adult. Harvey’s got complex
needs. … I’ve got to let Harvey have the best shot at life as he can. As long as [he’s] happy, I’m happy”.

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