Makeup artist Lena Motinova is the new sensation and trending among netizens. She is a pioneer in transforming her clients into Hollywood like beauties. She treats all of her clients similarly. She brilliantly welcomes all her clients with almost generosity and humility.

Motinova posts all the transformations that she performs on all her clients. She posts the pre-makeup and post-makeover pictures of all her clients on her Instagram account. This completely exhibits how proud Lena Motinova is of her work.

”I love to give women a sense of celebration and to see their real emotions,” Motinova once said. She started her career with Estée Lauder as a Beauty Advisor. Her career span is of 15 years and she still moves on to bring great makeup transformation in her career.

Lena Motinova is very passionate about teaching makeup skills and basics. She actively hosts masterclasses for a combined range of Beauty Advisors and consumers throughout the Russian country. Although Motinova does not miss any opportunity to express her art through her makeup transformation. But she openly acknowledges her soft corner for brows. Full brow function as the signature of her work.

Lena advises the recent trends that inspire the beauty domain in Russia. This helps the local team in the selection of best shades for her customers. Most of her work has mainly
featured in famous magazines such as Tatler, Cosmopolitan,Grazia, Hello, and OK! But if you would like to prefer doing your makeup celebrity stylist, Sir John reveals that Instagram is the best place to find the ideal make-up inspiration. Sir John is a leading celebrity makeup artist who has even worked with Beyoncé. ‘I just save [my favourite Instagram posts] to the backend, and that’s kind of the mood board at the moment,” he explained to ELLE.

Sir John explains, ”I think in terms of makeup trends, what will be huge is more approach
to skin, ”SJ said.There,s going to be an easy and manoeuvrability around owning your skin and loving the skin that you have and not having to lacquer it from forehead to chin—not having the baking and the contouring and so many different dramatic ways to change

Apart from his view on the fashion side, Sir John also acknowledges the possibility of the existence of masks for a longer duration than the expected. He also explains that investing in a gorgeous eye look is an appropriate way to tackle the situation.

Sir John says ”I do believe that eyes will be big. People are still going to love lashes, still going to love brows, and they’re always going to be a feature. They were a feature 2,000
years ago in Mesopotamia, and they,re going to be a feature in 2088.” Sir John also recommends the need to discover our selves to find which shade suits us most  appropriately.

and you don’t want your lip texture to change, use eye cream over lip balm, Eye cream is going to be a great way to hydrate your lips. The skin of your eyes and the skin of your
lips is so thin; it,s almost transparent.

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