Fibre is known for its benefits in promoting weight loss. For those who are tired of being constricted to strict diet plans without much success after implementation, we are up with a solution for you.Well, if we shift to a few years back from now, we would find that people were quite scared of using the F word.

But to our surprise, the F word can be seen printed on almost all the packages in supermarkets. Well, if you are wondering what the F word is- it’s ”Fiber”. It’s high time we start talking about the fibre and its benefits in promoting weight loss. 

Many studies show that foods that are rich in fibre compromisingly decrease the risk of heart diseases , chronic diseases, diabetes and cancer. The best part is that these studies have shown that fibre might be the necessary ingredients that will promote weight  loss without even inducing the feeling of hunger. For example, studies at the Harvard Medical School showed that women who

had increased intake of fibre for over 12 years had halved the chances of facing the issue of being overweight as compared to the ones who deceased the fibre consumption.
Fibre plays a key role in reducing the risk of obesity Fibre is the part of vegetable seeds, fruits and plants which cannot be digested by our body.

Mainly fibre can be categorised into two types: insoluble and soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is the fibre that helps the food to efficiently pass from our digestive system. Soluble fibre helps in the elimination of fats and reduces the cholesterol of the body. Solution fibre also promotes weight loss as it causes a steady passage of sugars and carbohydrates in the blood that enables the energy supply in the body. A famous author of the book F-factor diet said, ”When you eat foods that lack fibre, your blood sugar can spike quickly. Then it
crashes, causing hunger and overeating. Fibre- packed products tend to be low-cal, so you can eat a lot”. Fibre is said to be incredibly efficient for the heart as it lowers the cholesterol levels.

According to some studies, around 95 % of Americans are not getting the required intake of fibre. The studies show that around 30 to 40 grams of fibre intake are necessary for the body. An amazing solution to this is now you can take fibre just by consuming a pill. Doctors suggest pills such as Fibercon and Fibersure for people facing chronic digestive issues. These pills contain around 25 gm of fibre equivalent. But doctors still prefer eating
fibre-rich grains rather than consumption of fibre pills.

Fibre pills provide an equivalent of around 25gms of fibre.Also, the soluble fibre helps in keeping the gut bacteria healthy and ensures good digestion. It helps in reducing belly fat  as it reduces the appetite and prevents the possibility of overeating.  

Apart from reducing cholesterol, fibre also helps in regulating the blood pressure. It also
improves the insulin response of the body thereby reducing the risk of being vulnerable to diabetes. High fibre diet also reduces the possibility of colon cancer.So, let us jump to the  conclusion that fibre is not only the key ingredient to weight loss but it also has over-all benefits for the body.

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