If you are a smoothie enthusiast and you love smoothies then here is an amazing opportunity coming your way. The leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances ninja has
been looking for smoothie enthusiasts to add to its team. The company announced requirements for a smoothie Sommelier in January. The sommelier would be responsible for combining surprising and new flavours of smoothie to create a customised smoothie bowl recipe with the Ninja Smoothie Bowl maker and Nutrient extractor. The role of the smoothie expert would be a combination of brand ambassador and recipe developer.

The company will require the smoothie expert to create custom smoothie bowl recipes.
The Senior Vice President at Ninja was quoted saying, ”Over the last year, people have spent more time in the kitchen than ever before. Our search for a Smoothie Bowl Sommelier is a nod to consumers’ newfound kitchen

curiosity and passion for beautiful and thick smoothie bowls. We’re seeking an enthusiast who shares our passions for innovation, nourishment, and, of course, the art of creating Insta-worthy smoothie bowls.”

The job would comprise of a two-month contract which would also feature the responsibility of acting as a spokesperson of the brand and also influencing others by developing customised smoothie along with a thick smoothie bowl recipe. The recipe of the customised
smoothie bowl recipe would be shared on the official websites of Ninja. The Sommelier

would also have to share their tips for the preparation of amazingly delicious and thick smoothie bowl recipes. The recipes would be prepared by using the Ninja blender and will be blended at higher speeds.

The smoothie expert will also have to host a virtual meet to teach the tips of the new surprising recipes. For the utilisation of the time, the company will provide a whopping amount of 25000$ to the sommelier. Well, this job requires 50% talent and 50% personality, which is a quite weird requirement. To grab this incredible opportunity one may have to submit a video introducing his detailed passion about smoothies. Also, the video should contain a cool explanation of why you would make the best Smoothie Bowl Sommelier, attached with a resume. One may also need to submit a photo of the most aesthetic and delicious smoothie bowl he may have made.

The company stated the requirement,” while no formal training or expertise is required to apply for the role of Smoothie Bowl Sommelier, applications will be reviewed against predetermined qualifications, including a discerning palate, demonstrated passion for food (especially smoothie bowls), The smoothie expert would have to be confident and comfortable at virtual events. Holding credentials as a dietitian would be appreciated along with the confidence and comfort in hosting a virtual meet. Also, a social media presence related to health and wellness focus would be entertained. The company also shared that the Smoothie expert will also have to give interviews to journalists and get engaged in media extraction. Well, the good part would be that the company will provide specialised media training to prepare them for the media exposure of the job. The company may start
accepting the application from the 12th of February.

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