Workouts, when exposed to cold climates, have numerous times health benefits While some may complain about the harsh coldness of the weather and excuse themselves from working out. The most important fact is that winter workouts outdoors can bring a huge
transformation to the body and also to the mind.

expert psychologists also claim that those who utilise winter for fitness purposes show an
increased probability of being healthy as compared to those who don’t.

Winter work out to reduce the risk of obesity The winter workout can also be psychologically beneficial as it may lead to greater positivity in attitude, increased
satisfaction and increased personal growth. so let us have a look at the substantial benefits of exercising and working out in cold weather. Exercising in cold weather causes the body to release irisin, a compound which helps to burn more fat while simultaneously enhancing
the brain activity. This release of irisin occurs due to shivering and exercising at the same time.

The combined contracture caused by the two above discussed mechanisms ensure the secretion of irisin. A mere workout of just 20 minutes such as running would suffice. Irisin is also responsible for increasing motivation. Also due to shivering the body creates a mechanism for generating warmth within itself. This helps in converting the regular fat into brown fat. Brown fat shows active metabolism and mainly helps in burning calories. Also,
another research showed that the combination of exposure to cold weather and physical exercise caused an increase in the production of PGC-1-alpha protein production. This protein oxidises the fat and prevents the body from becoming obese.

Winter work out can increase healthy blood flow in the skin Winter is the best climate to boost and enhance the stamina of the body. This is because, in warmer climates, the body heat produced due to physical activity drains the stamina at a faster rate. But the case is contradictory during winters. The sensation of skin is more responsible for the perception of temperature.This happens because blood vessels immediately get constricted when the skin comes in contact with cold air. The constriction of blood vessels occurs to reduce the loss of heat from the body to the environment. By frequently getting exposed to cold weather or setting it up in the routine, the constriction response of the blood vessels fades
gradually. This enables better blood circulation and this may cause a higher blood flow through the skin. This will, therefore, will be beneficial to the body. In colder weather, the heart does not have to work much hard, as the body does not produce much sweat owing to the cold weather.

Also, energy expansion is comparatively lesser in the winters. This makes your workout even more efficient. The metabolism gains efficiency resulting in the loss of weight. Owing to the numerous health benefits mentioned above, one may easily incline towards a winter
work out schedule.








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