The beginning of 2021 was not as great as we had expected because we lost some of our jewels in the entertainment industry right at the beginning of the Year. Some of these real entertainers were taken away from us so soon. Let us remember these incredible beings as they have left us. journalist of entertainers
who left us at the beginning of the Year.


The actor left his Legacy on 13th January at his home in Las Vegas. The actor was 81 years old and lost his battle to pancreatic cancer. The 81year-old had also undergone surgery to remove a tumour; he was discharged from the hospital just weeks before his death. The sensitive superstar passed just eight months after the death of his longtime stage partner Roy Horn. Roy Horn succumbed due to covid-19 complications.


The forty-year-old Angie Jackusz battled cancer and eventually passed away. The news of her passing away was confirmed by an obituary published by her family.Angie was diagnosed with a rare condition of squamous cell colorectal cancer in 2017. She was compassionate and loved doing scuba diving, travelling mainly. At the age of 25, Angie had participated in an intense reality show.


The legendary opera star John Reilly passed away on January 9. The actor died at the age of 86. He featured in the movie “General Hospital” that earned him a lot of fame. The news of his death was confirmed by his daughter Caitlin Reilly. Caitlin broke the news of her father’s death on Instagram. John Reilly had a career full of milestones. He made appearances in “As the world turns”, “Passion”, and “Dallas”. The actor’s career had a span of about thirty years. John Reilly has made a tremendous contribution to the soap industry of ABC.


Tanya Roberts, who was seen as the Bond Girl and also featured in Charlie’s Angels was reported to have died on January 3 in a hospital in Los Angeles. The actress was 65 years
old at the time of her death. After her death, tributes poured from her co-stars. Many of the celebrities mourned her death and tweeted in her memory. The reason behind her death was reported to be a urinary tract infection. The former actress was known for her
role in “Sheena: Queen of the Jungle”, which earned five nominations of Golden Raspberry Awards.


The incredible chef Kerry Vincent, unfortunately, passed away on the second of January. She passed away at the age of 75. The news of his death was confirmed by Oklahoma State Sugar Art show, a non-profit organization which was co-founded by Kerry Vincent. Kerry was famously known as the “Judge of Food Network”. She was also nicknamed as the “Queen of Cakes” and host of “Save my Bakery”. The cause of her death remains undisclosed. Kerry Vincent is survived by husband Doug Vincent.






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