Actor Armie Hammer has made an announcement that he has moved out of his upcoming movie. He cited reasons for the ongoing scandals over some messages that he allegedly sent to a woman. The controversy began when an Instagram account claimed that Armie Hammer messaged women saying that he was a cannibal and who wanted to drink the woman’s blood.

Armie Hammer is a popular name in the industry of Hollywood. He has been a part of  powerful projects such as Rebecca on Netflix. He has also starred in related projects, suggested the social network, call me by your name and Lone Ranger. Armie Hammer made an announcement that he is quitting his role in the upcoming movie, Shotgun wedding , which also features Jennifer Lopez in the lead.

Actor Armie Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers In a statement given by the actor to Variety, the actor has hinted that he is not paying any attention to such false claims. Also, the actor has been facing severe backlash and online attacks including threats. Citing the reasons for his family’s safety, the actor felt it was better to not leave his children in such circumstances. He displays his moral responsibility of staying with the family rather than leaving the children and shoots in Dominica far away for eventually four months.

The screenshots that have become viral on Instagram claim that the actor sent explicit messages to the women and also gave a graphical detail about his sexual fantasies which also included rape, cannibalism and slavery. The actor also separated from his wife Elizabeth chamber in 2020. The couple were married for about ten years and also have two children together. After the DM controversy and scandal, some people also uploaded videos of previous interviews given by Armie Hammer to the Playboy magazine, where the actor talked about his sexual fantasies.

Armie Hammer had said Well, if you,re married to a feminist as I am, then it,s  I don’t know how much we can put here without my parents being embarrassed, but I used to like to be a dominant lover. I liked the grabbing of the neck and the hair and all that. But then you get married and your sexual appetites change, ”he  continued And I mean that for the better — it,s not like I’m suffering in any way.  But you can’t really pull your wife’s hair.

It gets to a point where you say, I respect you too much to do these things that I kind of want to do.” The account called @houseofeffie has reportedly posted various
screenshots of Armie,s conversations with different women.

The conversations had sadistic fantasies and various cannibalistic and explicit messages. According to the Insider, Armie posts several posts of knives with a caption like #givesomethingtocarve on his Instagram handle. Some of his posts also hint towards his obsession with raw meat. Nevertheless, the actor denies all the allegations and we do not know what the truth is.






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