Dickinson is a comedy-drama historical series which is quite hysterical but marks               sharp points. This amazing series is wonderfully directed by Alena smith. It stars
Hailee Stanfield in the lead while Ella Hunt and Andrian Enscoe are the supporting
leads.This delightful series showcases the life of writer Emily Dickinson from the

inside view. The series takes you back to the 1850s, and the external perspective of Emily Dickinson. It showcases Emily Dickinson’s struggles with social constraints and gender.It
was produced by Apple tv and has two seasons.This amazing drama series is all hands good and has gained immense popular reviews.

Dickinson season 1 released in late 2019 and was promising to the audience. It contained unstoppable fun in the music, engaging visual vocalisations and humour-filled with sarcasm that takes sharp control also in the scenes depicting misogyny and morality.

 Emily Dickinson from a still in Dickinson Season 2

The second season of Dickinson depicts Emily’s struggle to fame and how her father showed strong approval of her ambitions. The season has a strong depiction of Emily’s jeopardy about whether being famous will help her be victorious or cost her family. The second season is vindictive, raw and has steamy scenes. Dickinson is a worthy picturization of the girl who was very ahead of her time. The director has managed to create an enchanting series that provide an incredible interpretation of the life of Emily Dickinson. The interpretation is immense, wild and humour at the time. The series also takes a sharp dig at gender bias, misogyny and racism that prevailed in the era of Emily Dickinson.

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