The fans are convinced that the female model in the music video is the look-alike of Selena

American singer The Weeknd has recently released a music album,
"Save Your Tears''. The Album was an immediate hit after its release.
The Weekend gave amazing New Year vibes to many by releasing a
sensational music video. The 30-year-old garnered a lot of appreciation because of the music video, which was duly released on
the 5th of January. It was like a new Year surprise for his fans.

The Weekend was nearly unrecognisable in the music video

Fans are buzzing over the singer's look in the music video. The
Weekend seems unrecognisable in the music video due to the use of
But the hottest topic of discussion about the music video is the female
lead in the music video. The model in the music video of "Save Your
Tears", shows close resemblance to the "Wolves" singer Selena Gomez.
Fans are more than convinced that the female model in the video is
Selena Gomez look-alike. The singer takes a jibe at the controversial
topic of plastic surgery. The singer also took a jibe at the Grammy's
for not giving him the nomination in the past year's Grammy award.
Fans are trying to comprehend the gesture. This has sparked fresh
rumours of a possible link-up between The Weeknd and Selena
Gomez. The couple has reportedly dated each other previously for
around 10 months in 2017.

The Weeknd and American Singer Selena Gomez during their relationship days.

Many fans posted comments about the possibility of the link-up,
while many suspected that the song in the video was about Selena
Gomez. Another fan commented that the look. of the female lead
featured a distinct resemblance to Selena's look in her music video
"Dance Again".
Selena Gomez and The Weeknd had an immense relationship with
each other. Fans also speculate that the song is about the effect of
relationship with Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid had on The Weeknd.
The lyrics mention how The Weeknd longed to see Bella Hadid while
some lyrics nudge at the regret of breaking Hadid's heart.
The A-lister couple was lauded and received appreciation from all
over the world.

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