Jana Kramer with her husband Mike Caussin

American singer Jana Kramer recalls a scary incident that she
had faced on the 4th of January. Jana is a mother of two kids.
She has a young daughter Jolie, who is four years old. She also
has a son with husband Mike Caussin, who is two years old.

Jana is a famous singer and is a doting mother for her kids.
Jana shares the incident to warn the parents how kids can be
taken away in seconds. Jana also highlighted the importance
of explaining the kids about going with strangers.

Jana narrated that she and Mike took their kids in the park.
Jolie was running near the playhouse, so it was difficult to
keep a watch on her. Jana was playing on the slide with her
son, Jace. Jolie met a sweet girl and then both started playing
with each other.

Jana Kramer with her husband (Mike Caussin), daughter (Jolie Rae Caussin)
and son Jace Joseph Caussin

Jana had been sliding along with Jace. Mike had been
patrolling the area to keep an eye on the kids playing. Jana
stated that she watches her kids like a hawk but as Jolie was
playing with her sweet little friend, she was missed from the
sight. After a minute, a lady walked up to Jana and said," Your
daughter just got into a white SUV!"

Hearing this, the singer became extremely apprehensive all of
a sudden. She alerted her husband. They searched for Jolie.
Jana immediately rushed to the parking to search for her
daughter. In the parking, Jana was relieved to find out Jolie
and the little girl she was playing with. It appeared that the
girl wanted her mother to meet Jolie and the white SUV
belonged to the girl's mother. The mother of the girl was in
the SUV.

Jana hugged her daughter and let out a sigh of relief. There
were a lot of what-ifs that surrounded her brain. She
immediately realised the importance of talking to children
regarding the ideal behaviour with strangers. It is important
to educate children and teach them not to be very friendly to
strangers. It is necessary to always be alert and relate to the
safety of kids.

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