Brianna Rollins became the United States’ best hope for entering the World Championship in 2013. The athlete has also been nicknamed Kellie Wells, Dawn Harper-Nelson, Queen Harrison and Lolo Jones for winning various medals for 100-metre hurdles. The year 2013 proved to be a breakthrough for Brianna Rollins in the season. People were amazed at Brianna’s excellent performance as she broke many records not only in the World Championship but also in Moscow. She also won a gold medal in Moscow.

Steady Start Brianna Rollins never showed her talent in sports until high school. But the athlete had always been aware of her talent in sports as her mother Temperance, who had been a strong 800-metre runner at her time was once a strong 800-meter runner. After joining the track team Brianna Rollins ran a variety of distances. She also tried some triple jumping but still did not turn towards her mother’s sport. Rollins found hurdles very interesting and started focusing on them. She banged her knees many times but still insisted to focus on the hurdle sport. After that Rollins started enjoying success by competing in 300- and 400-meter hurdles. She also won national championships in 2009 in 400 hurdles and the 4 x 400-meter relay. Rollins won the Florida championships in 4 x 400 metre twice. She also gained titles each in the 300 hurdles and the 4 x 100-meter relay. Brianna Rollins also became a state runner-up in the triple jump.

Eye on the Tigers Brianna Rollins received a track scholarship from Clemson University where she also assisted the Tigers to get around eight conference championships. In the meanwhile, she suffered consistent back injuries. But she showed promising performance in their first two seasons of her college. She won over her injury and won the NCAA 60-meter hurdles championship. She ranked sixth in the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Prepping for the Olympics Rollins received great success, but she accepted that she was not all ready to try the Olympic track. However, the Olympic trials were a wake-up call for her. This served as an opportunity that showed her that if she worked harder she could scale great heights with much ease. This motivated her to once again rededicate herself to the sport Despite her success to this point, Rollins admits she was not “in” to track and field before her senior year at Clemson. The Olympic Trials seemed to be the wake-up call she needed, however, demonstrating how good she could be if she worked harder, on and off the track. Her decision to rededicate herself to her sport helped her to register the huge records and titles to her name.

Ready for the Gold At the young age of 22. Rollins emerged as the new public favourite in the Moscow World Championships in 2013. She recorded her spectacular win by covering 12.55 seconds. She also won her semi in 12.54 seconds but finished as the runner up. Later, Rollins defeated the defending champion Pearson by completing the track in 12. 44 seconds. She later credited the gold medal to her name in the finals. She recorded a spectacular win at this young age and registered many new records in her name.

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