“Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one on one with another human being, and the object is to make them feel so much better, and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye.” – Vidal Sassoon”

Now you might know that  today we will be talking about hairstyles, especially which was more trending a few years back and now is in high demand once again. Life shines differently when your hair’s looking good. especially, this year we cannot move outside because of the current situation so we can do it all on a virtual screen. Be it studies, work, workout or dating. Its all virtual now, already feels like 2040!

So today we will share the trendiest back to school hairstyles, which will put you on awe, and will look stunning on zoom. 


Go for, side swept ponytail.

When you see in pictures it might appear that it would take hours and hours. But no, the key is the good clip. It gives the vibes of both casual and glamorous. Hair clips do make the statement, not just gold or silver. Big hair clips in different shapes and sizes have been trending a lot these days. Just fix it right and It’ll stay all day long and would look so chic. Or you can go for barrettes too. One of the greatest things about barrettes is super easy to use, it is as simple as ‘grab and clip’. All you need to worry about is choosing the right size of barrette to suit the weight of your hair and you are good to go. 


Try, Tucked back stands.

This is one of theist simple yet elegant hairstyles. This used to be quite famous a few years back among celebrities too. This is one of the easiest straight-hair looks. All you need to do is, just tuck the front of your hair behind your ears and push the rest back behind your shoulders. This hairstyle always looks fab and smooth for work meetings, outings etc. This is 100 % back to school hairstyle and it looks 100% unique too. So when in doubt, just go for tucked back strands. 



Another one is, Fishtail top knot.

This hairstyle used to be most famous and every other girl used to do that either for her class or for birthday parties or any day out etc. all you have to do is just fishtail your ponytail and before you twist it into a bun.  if it would give you an elevated look, a different aura in this generation. It looks so vogue and has a different charm. You can even pair them up with some handful of flowers, its’ one of the most instagram-able styles and without fail, pictures are stunning. Flowers are natural accessions, so just go for it. 

So these were the major three back to school kind of hairstyles, which you can surely imply in your day to day lifestyle be it your official zoom meeting or virtual dating. It won’t go wrong.


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